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Latest News From Sound Advice Records

New Releases

Alfi's CD cover 1.jpg
Alfi's CD cover 2.jpg

This album is only available as a double disc CD at gigs, by mail order, or from Alfi in person.

Please phone or mail with your address and order request


The other recent release "LOOKING GOOD TWO" is available on Bandcamp as a download

along with Alfi's back catalogue.

Visit Bandcamp here to listen and download


25th October 2023

Soumd Advice Intro Letter Flyer Ver1 April2023.jpg

Our aim is to estabish a radio station for Lichfield and the local area: to benefit the city and businesses. 

Initially it would be an internet broadcast and DAB, hopefully you will eventually be able to tune into an F.M. frequency.

Viva Lichvegasradio!!!

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